Monday, June 28, 2010

No dead fish,mum

just returned fro Kl,  here a teaser to ticke you all)

I took the container of cleaned fish from the fridge with the intention of frying them.

As I was multi tasking,I left the fish on the wash  basin.

Meeeooooow .pRRRRRRRh.

Loud and clear.

Hey what the heck is the matter?

On the floor ,I noticed that Dello had grabbed a fish in his mouth and Jade was trying to get a bite.

So both mother and son was :

EEEooooowing at each other with the crescendo rising higher and higher.

But thing soon took a change on its own.Dell left the fish and Jade too didnt  had a sniff and left it alone.

Full of chagrin,I bellowed to the team.

Dah curi pasai apa tak makan?

Dell looked at me as if saying:

Mana kami tau tak masak lagi!

 those darn cats 002

awat liat semacam ni

those darn cats 006

hari tu curi tak macam ni

those darn cats 009

Makcik,tolonglah goreng ikan ini.


  1. ehheheh gambar last tak bole blahh.ahahah muka seposen

  2. nuka seposen tu yang buat mama sayang.If you had not known,dell has found his long lost sound.Now he goes,meooooooooow ,eeeeeeeeeit and hardly grrrh.Tapi sayang,da tak macho sbb botak macam pdg bola silap mesin.