Thursday, June 24, 2010

My name is Dell-with subtitles.

 dello twingoogled

My name is Dell.Mamason calls me Dello but my own Mamajade calls me eeeeeik.Sometimes I am meeeeeow to her

Nama kami Dell.Mamason panggil Dello tapi Mamajade panggil kami eeeeeik.Kadang kadang meeeeow.


This is  my pa.His name is Fat.We call him Fatty Mok.Well,he’s one hot pa .Like a lion he roars.

Ini pak kami.Nama dia Gemok.Kami panggil dia Mok. Pak kami garang tau.Macam singa.

mummy and mok

This is my granny.She was Persian.We called her Mummy Blur as befits her name

Ni tok kami.Dia asal parsi.Nama dia mummy tapi blur nak mati.

jgn gigit mamaaa

My mum was from a mosque.Thats why she was named Jade.She likes child carrying but not child rearing.Hence,the reason for me being alone.

Mak kami asal masjid .Tu nama dia Jade.Asyik beranak tapi jaga anak dia tak pandai .Tu yang kami jadi anak tunggai.


Ssssssh. Mamajade sleeping.Time for some milking.If not hmmm there would  come a spanking.

Ssssssh. Mamajade tidoq .Masa ni Dell nak nenen,kalau dia jaga ,hmmm alamatlah kempunen.

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