Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mr.Dell is sick


Coming back to no.7 ,I saw the change in our dear mr.Dell. From the young agile tomcat,he hardly stir.

Feeding him got no response. He just sniffed the food and lay down without even a lick.He curled himself into a sleep sometimes eyeing you with pleading eyes as if to say:

Makcik,Iam sick.Sakit sunguh ni.

I syringed some water and tried to feed him. He grrrrrrrrrrd  but at the same time licking the stream of water down his throat.

His throat seemed to be suffocating and the body is hot to the touch. And when he feels like peeing or ‘pooing’ he dragged his thin body to the toilet.It was such a sight.

When pakli gave him his dose of medicine,he didnt struggle anymore. Maybe he’s too tired to do so.

Dear dello,

Please get well soon as me  and pakli miss your running around the house,playing hide and seek and you nosing around when we tend to our work.

Get well quickly as the house needs a handy man quick. As the lights in the room needs fixing.

At the same time,cik kaq and baby Jessie are gone. And Jade seemed at a lost.Looking at me with blank eyes when I asked her about her baby.Poor Jade!

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