Thursday, June 24, 2010

Love knows no boundaries.

Mokjadeandell as been storied before is an avid reader.Hunger for words in prints brought me on a journey around the world.From the hard plastic creaking chair ,I surfed the towns,cities as far as Peebles,in Scotland and the metropolitan of Jakarta.

Along my way,I met people who wrote about great ideas,politics,hobbies and a a whole spectrum of other stuffs.

Sometimes,the writer made us feel welcomed but sometimes we feel the disappointment when  we are forewarned that  coming into their territory is like we are snooping.

Well my dear,

Unless ,it was meant for private viewing or for selected or preferred readers,I would like to say, the blogging world is like a great big public garden. So its a bit of a dismay when there on the page is the warning –stalker.

And blogosphere too is devoid of Nationality.So ,hitam ke,putih ke kelabu ke we are one. One world.So please be wary of this.

I feel happy when I have visitors from Moscow, Korea,England or Bombay ,India.Well,all are welcomed ,as, if I need privacy,I know when. And how. Then only would you be greeted by:

Opened to invited readers only.

Stalkers will be persecuted.

and a sign with a gun pointing at you will be mounted. Ha ha.

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