Friday, June 4, 2010

Kringgg.kringgg,mama ka tu.


I was trying to have that much needed sleep as tomorrow I will embark on a family program. But it was not to be.

The room felt hot and the bed is much warmer. Rasa macam jadi bahan benkang pun ada. Atas bawah ada haba.

The phone  broke the silence of the night.

Oii mamat mana pula tgh malam ni.

Saja lah rindu. Lawak nya.

It was a call from my girl wanting to know about the cats at home.

Before the elder sister gave a call telling about her little bits of life.

And earlier still a call from Brisbane . Telling about her assignments and her baby sitting.

Rasa terubat rindu bila terdengar suara anak anak dihujung talian.

Sometimes we ym , send messages or video conference.Kan mama IT savvy. Waduh! Reading my blog is another way to update what are the going ons at home.

Tu untuk anak yang nun jauh di perantauan.

Yang di depan mata macam mana?

Well,a knock on the door to announce the food is  ready or another knock to tell the call of prayer.Perpetual hermit he is.

Dekat tapi jauh

Jauh tapi dekat.

Apa apa  pun boleh lah.Asal tau mereka selamat.

Oh yes, the twin came to our house this afternoon. Bariah and Nisak.Remember them? They were the children who would come to the house for aten’s dancing class.Their parents were among the pioneer of  Jalan Norma and both were long departed.

Pak cik,mak cik jemputlah . Nisak said handing the card to us.

Oh.Tomorrow Nisak is going to wed,the neighbour’s daughter is going to be engaged and my niece is going to be solemnised.

Makan kenduri orang lagilah kita ya pakli.

And my eyes are getting moist once again.


Dari terkebil kebil baik I punch the keyboard.

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