Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the kids in the house

P5040782     tak mau dah

cik jantan,tak main bunga peminat bunga -aksi toi

They were once kids in the house.Now, either they were gone or turn into grown ups.

Except for Dello,all were gone.They were taken because they were cuties or they perished because of sickness.

Once a whole litter of kittens were kidnapped much to the despair of the neighbour who was eyeing to adopt them.They were Mummy kittens,the persian cat.

I still cant get over Tam,mummy ‘s child who liked to give me a massage.

As for the mamat bunga ,he died probably bitten by some thing.How pakli cried when coming home we were greeted by his stiff body on the  porch.

Jessy was gone and nowhere to be found after coming back from a holiday.Dell had nearly perished if not for the treatment at the vet.

We came home from somewhere not finding him around.Later ,he was found sprawled on the ground with his body as stiff as a brick.

After two jabs he pulled around and now is not as agile as before.As for the kitty tumpang,it has been days since he was around.

Hm.which is the cutest among the four?

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