Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kesian Dia


The other day,he curled on my lap.That was something that he seldom do.

Sayang anak mama.I said as I stroke the soft fur.

Yesterday,he was missing the whole day.


We shouted his name again and again.

There was no sight of him.

He was not there , sprawled on the floor in front of the bathroom waiting for pakli to finish his bath.

He was no there , in front of the house,waiting eagerly to jump into the car and snoop around.

He was not  there , waiting patiently,silently for the fish when pakli is having his meal. His eyes pleading but not a sound he makes.

He was not there to wake up the odd couple by biting their leg or pulling their hair.

And he was not  there , sitting silently watching pakli said his prayers.

Delllllllllllllllllllll. Paen called .He too was fond of the cat.

It was nearly three when pakli,on his way to work saw him curled on the floor.Nearly motionless!

He looked pathetic,lethargic.

He looked so ill that I feared that he was gone.

Take him to the vet. Was what pakli and his son did. I was pleasantly surprised when my boy known for repeatedly addressed to , just need a knock on his door.

After more than an hour,Dell was saved back home.

He was having fever and a jab was only that he needed.

Till  now,he slept  wagging his tail when his named is called.


Sarang Heyo ,Dello


  1. Semalam chatting dengan abang,abang cakap dell tak balik2. Bagusnya abang g vet.:)
    Dell dah ok sikit ke Mama?

  2. He's a bit ok and out of the house again.I think the cats are having some kind of ailment.Even pak bakaq kat belakang pun tengah sakit. Little Jessy pu macam lemah saja. Hanya Jade and Mok saja yang up and running.