Tuesday, June 29, 2010

its culture or is it cultured

Those minahrabbs.Who do they think we are.

Their  babus or what ?

I saw one Minah berjilbab,dengan bercekak pinggang,ordering a salesman .

Give me discount.She ordered without even the word please.Ha this got not nice. That got not nice.

Go .go get  new one.Dah la tona suara tu tinggi,.

I had been waiting ages,to be given a bill for that 70 % discounted Polo tote.

Amboi ,amboi mentang mentang that boy a salesman boleh dok meninggi suara,dok cekak pinggang.I gave a not so ok look at the minah and walked away.Forgetlah that tote.

In the taxi,the taximan caught my displeasure when hb asked about my purchase.

Depa memang kurang …….Dengan orang taxi ,depa kami buat tak peduli.Kedekut taik hidung masin.40. sen  bukan 4 ringgit pun berkira.Dah badan besar 4b. Itu kata taximan,not me.

I had on numerous occasions met them in lifts or lobby.Jangan kan nak senyum,tarik muka ada lagi.So the next time around,buat donno lagi baik.

Once our salam met with an eye not wanting.Islam ke dak ni.

The taxi driver ranted that the matsaleh are better  than the matarabbi. Tau juga nak kata :

Thank you sir.

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