Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I is hulk.So dont play play huh.



Mmmm,it looks lips smacking delicious.

hmmm fantabulous ,scrumptious


Waiting is serious painful biznis


The more it sores with makcik  being playful today.Now I see,now I dont.


Ni nak merajuk ni.tak payah la bagi kalau nak main main macam ni


Grrrrrr  makcik ,come on. Look  .I dah nak jadi Hulk ni,lepas tu dinosaur.Sekali dengan makcik habis ku telan.Baru padan. Grrrrrrrrrr.


  1. Ma,did u put color to Dell's eyes? why are they green/blue-ish? Arini babysit 2 beautiful girls,sorang 4yo and sorang 1yo.Jalan2 dekat park and bagi makan kuda.haha.Esok,am going to meet Toivo lagi,26months old baby boy.Will call you before I leave for Melbourne (5/07/2010) okay? Love you!

  2. Hmmm....that fish looks so delish! I want some too. har har har *evil laughs*

  3. dear aten,
    no,mama didnt colour or do anything except,aim and shoot.Maybe,its the red eye syndrome refection and for the red thing is his tongue.Handle the small ones with care.Anyway,happy hols and do call.OK. miss you love.

    dear cat-in sydney,
    here's one for you too dear.Makan sampai habis jgn cekik tulang ,meow.