Friday, June 11, 2010

I cried infront of the class.

Going into the class,I zeroed in towards the boy in the back row.

Oh well I forgotten his name but could still recollect his face.He was missing school and the class teacher had complained.

Bagus .Hari ni cikgu nampak Ezam ( not his real name). macam tu lah . Sekolah kena datang.

I proceeded to tell them that I too was in a similar situation like Ezam when I was small.I had to help my father sell mee all over town when at that time no  malay kids would do so. Apalagi budak perempuan! I was jeered,called names,poke fun at because I was poor.My dress was shabby.My hair poorly cut.Everything about me was out of place.

But that didnt damper my spirit to succeed in my study.I studied like hell.As such in my primary years I never get above five  in my class.A class where students are selected state wide after an entrance examination. And I pride myself for being the class top achiever in English.Dia ke? The book What Kathy did was a testament .I got it on the prize giving day.

Telling them how sometimes I went  hungry but I still placed  my study above any other matters brought  tears to my eyes.These were the students of year 6 of the last class. Depa pedulikah cerita dulu dulu  dari GB mereka.Kot kot  outa saja.

Well,my children have this to say when I start to have the history class with them:

Mama buat dah.Ulang tayang cerita 60han.

Apa apa pun ,I hope if any,seorang pun jadilah mengambil iktibar dari cerita benar dari seorang guru besar mereka.SK Sena tahun 2008.or was it 2007. Kelas hujung tingkat dua.

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