Monday, June 28, 2010

From here to there and back.

Notice that I was missing the last 48 hours or so.

Pakli had a mission to one of the bangunan  in KL. The one that have been dubbed,the biggest and highest  to let in Malaysia because of the mosaics on the walls.

We set on our journey,at 10.00 Sunday, on a double decker Transnational.

Adoooooi,sejuk la macam dok kat Alaska. One guy said of the coldness.Lebiiiiiiih lagiiiii kat atas.

Aaa.Atas tu peti sejuk. another quipped.Everyone chuckled because the way of how it was said. Mak cik tak kuasa you.

Before we were quite put off by one lady who insisted we search for another seat.As the seat was numbered we politely asked her to vacate.Not so until the driver announced that all seating must follow the numbers.

Ya,la she was reluctant to climb the stairs and expected a fifty  something with the riggity legs to go up.Manyak la shaantek.After that meeting us was a masam mencuka lah punya rupa.

Sometimes,I cant say of people yang suka sangat nak rampas hak orang lain.Tempat duduk bas pun hak orang juga tau kalau dia dah beli.

Reaching KL on the day of KL Marathon ,we found that most hotels were full.So hendak tak hendak kenalah tidoq kat Plaza as tempat di tuju dekat dengan dia.

Coming back was an adventure in itself. As no other company is going to Kangar at the time wanted,we had to make do apa saja yang lalu.

Maka jadilah ,yang di tunggu,jadi kelabu

Sat nak jalan sangat dah.Sat pukul satu,jadi pukul dua.Lepas tu tengah jalan,tukar bas sini sana.

Arrived home at 9.00 pm.

Dinner at Shah’s.Nasi goreng chicken chop.Hmm sedap.

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