Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fried rice football fever


Returning from Tesco, there’s a pot of cooked rice hardly touched. Lunch was at a friend’s daughter’s wedding.

Surveying the availability of the ingredients ,nasi goreng musim bola came into being.

For sambal

finely grind :  dried chillies,onions,belacan,

chopped       : garlic,red onions

sliced : leftover kentucky fried chicken

              tomato,dried fish .

Sprinkle salt and kicap lemak to nasi sejuk to taste.

Cara caranya:

In a wok,fry chopped garlic and onion.

Add ground chilli and fry till cook .Add salted fish. Whisk an egg and stir into the ingredient.Toss in slice fried chicken and tomato

Add seasoning,sugar if suka.

Then stir in the rice,sawi and mix well.

Masak lah sehingga rasa dah masak.

Dah masak,scoop into a serving dish.Garnish with rings of egg(hasil cilok dkt rumah kenduri kakak) and sliced tomato.

Sprinkle lah bawang goreng kalau ada.

Hidanglah bersama kopi O panas dan makan depan tv sambil mata tengok bola.

Selamat mencuba.

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