Sunday, June 20, 2010

enter the clown


family 320bercakap dgn kucing


 family 688 jadi buah.

family 195aksi pakli.

When he is not in his off mode,pakli will be a clown .Clowning at itsy bitsy things that sometimes years ago I admit that I found it ridiculous.

But after years of sharing the same roof,I could as well main pingpong dengan nya.

Last time,I would grimace at the I found it not funny jokes,but now, I could join in for a guffaw or two.

Hilarious was the house when pak saad,tok ma,ina were to share the same table. Chaired by pakli ,I bet you the sour prune is not enough.

Well,makcik,and paen just sometimes are two non hilarious humano sapieno.The rest are.

Selamat Hari Bapa ,pakli

Love you.


  1. hek hek,SAYANG BANGLI.
    tadi ten call ba pagi,dia ke pasar tani.tak sempat nak cakap banyak,bunyi suara tokei ikan yg kuat.Hahaha.

  2. Bangli was happy to get your call on Father's Day.So too with Kaklin and Kakina's call.Thanks for making him a day.
    Proud of you all.
    Tokeikan mana boleh cakap pelan.