Friday, June 11, 2010

Do you see what I see.


I think we have some rots . Among the younger generation I mean.

Being a teacher I am privy to see some misdemeanor and misadventure  among the very young.

Playing truants, cheating ,bullying were some of them.And sometimes it wasnt through the fault of their own.

There were cases that I had to go to their houses when they keep missing classes.It was such a sight to behold. The mother married a none the better good for nothing stepfather . Who is perennially sick but come 5 pm,he was dressed in sports attire ready for a game of soccer.

The elder of the sister eloped to marry but returned home carrying a baby to the already crowded home.

As for the mother ,she’s down with a heart condition. So who’s the bread winner. It was the children!

The girl started missing school when she was employed to help at the food stall earning the family bread. Working into the wee hours of the day,she sometimes dressed up like grown up children.Wherein she’s only 12 and going for UPSR!

I contacted the Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat. The response :

The mother was not a single parent and the husband is able bodied!

When the time for raya came.Most aids goes to the anak yatim. Well I have no grouse.But some anak yatim came to school ferried in dugongs.So do they need alms ?

And for their place called home,I need to wash myself after every visit.For I had the tango with the tai taiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik.The house where the common bedroom is the living room.And the toilet is the front yard!

The girl that I tried to steer into the right path soon was wedded I heard. And I had left the school.

I feel like visiting them once again. But I am no wakil rakyat.Heard too that the family had moved.To Langkawi I gathered.

Hope that the brother will be taken care of .

And I too remembered the days I helped my father at the stall.Catching with my homework when there were no customer. Reading the books at the back of the tricycle. And how I was made fun of :

Anak paklong jual mee.Mee tak laku ,muka cik kak naik layu. Kesian aku!

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