Friday, June 11, 2010

Demam Bola mai dah


The bola fever is here to stay.For one month,I understood.

Got to watch the opening of the much awaited and talked about matches this decade.

The Mexican versus the South African is now in full swing.And I noticed that the sound of traffic plying the Kangar Padang Besar Road in front of my house is lighter.Macam everything has come to a standstill.Macam kena langgar garuda.

Even the connection of the internet is much faster.Or was it a coincidence.

Hm kalau ada kopi sedap la ni.Pakli hinted

Bukan takat kopi.Ada cucuk milo lagi best.Said another

Macam ni la .Sila buat menu utk sepanjang bulan ni.Kita buka warung.

But food is not only that matter.

I think the doctor too will be busy prescribing HBP pills.

And as a former teacher , I had to hush,hush the &^%^#@  words that goes with the game.

Air asam jawa juga kena standby.

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