Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dello baik demam


That was the newly acquired sound from Dell.

Dello seems to be eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiking every now and then.The more so after his illness.

Prior to this,we thought Dell was either deaf and dumb for nay a sound did he make except for his grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Dell was getting well with his appetite for food.

Every now and then ,he would pop his face into the bag of friskies


aku lapar sungguh

Aku lapar la

aku makan ,aku makan

Aku makan

sleepingb time manusia dan haiwan

Aku tidor!

Bye. Enough for tonight


  1. yayyyyy! Dell dah baik! Pasni mesti dah larat nak tampaq2 muka orang balik.haha.Jinak terus lepas demam na? No more Grrrrrr

  2. ten,Tapi he is balding fast.In no time ,we would have asphinx cat over here.He'd be called dellinx.agree?