Tuesday, June 15, 2010

clinical report of siti’s wedding

Mentang mentang lah both parents of the bride were former hospital staff ,the title of this posting sounds clinical.

Her wedding fell on the 7th of June after the bridegroom hold theirs.

With the akad nikah on Friday evening ,we left home early in the morning,in time to help with the making of mee kuah. The main menu for the akad nikah.

The two days in between were utilised to help in making up loose ends. Everything,from the food,pelamin,bed and hantaran were hired. So there’s no much hustle and bustle of wedding prep that I used to do when my sisters and brother as well as my inlaws were wedded.

Tapi kata kan kenduri.Mestilah ada pinggan yang sumbing,mangkuk yang retak. Tu lah ujian kesabaran tuan rumah.

Anyway, the wedding turned up so well despite the thunderstorm at night.

And the drama that went with it will be remembered a long long time.

The kuih loyang is super duper sedap.

Semoga pengantin aman sejahtera  hingga akhir hayat.

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