Monday, June 21, 2010

The call


The call from JPn jolted my cerebelum cereberum .

The officer offered me to be a contractual teacher  for English optionate with a salary of the last pay and top of it my pension.


Nak join ke tak.

Phone hb and he encouraged it as I was doing nothing and the income could be of help.

To top it he said I am in top form. Ya lah dari dok mengingat masa silam sambil ketuk keyboard boleh juga guna keringat untuk didik anak bangsa.Ye,I missed the children.

Good morning children.

How are YOU?


  1. Mommy,why not? At least you can be at school and help other ppl's children, ;)
    Seronok jugak nanti aten nak prac,boleh tnya2 mama.
    Love you, ;)

  2. but the question is,mampu ke mama nak pot pet pot pet 7-1.mama kan dah tak buat tu semua for nearly 24 months.anyway ,might give it a try.