Sunday, June 27, 2010

between jabulani ,vuvuzela and bafana bafana


Watching WC matches is  becoming more thrilling.Mokjadeandell remembered those days when Malaysia once was the team to be reckoned.The late Super Mokh,Santokh Singh,Minhat and others were the heroes of M’sia.I was once in a teacher training center when the famous match was held.How we cheered and jeered.

Bye bye France,those goliaths in the football field. And it seems the WC  of 2010 saw many an upsets.Bye Italy.And South Korea.

Malaysia bila lagi? Kenapa sunyi?

Henti hentikanlah kontrovasi  and concentrate on jabulani instead of the likes of Rita Rudani .

Tu yang bila lawan di padang yang basah ,pasukan Malaysia mudah kena sesah.

Anyway,good show South Koreans,pakli bertempik habis retak pinggan dan cawan. Ingat dah kena sawan.Rupa rupa tengok bola kawan kawan.

Ha ha.

On standby to watch more happenings biar sampai pening!


  1. he he ada rhyme la.seloka gurindams

  2. Dear MokJadeandDell,

    Regarding Dell and co, could the hair loss be due to fungus? Nampak macam ye, especially near the nose area. Cuba try sapu minyak gamat...if it's fungus, it works wonders. The lesion will dry up in no time.

  3. thanks,Cik Kiah
    Thanks for the suggestion. Will try on the duo.