Tuesday, May 4, 2010

new me?



rainbow in a gloomy sky over Phuket – courtesy of Ms ee


With the children back in Kl/Kuantan,I have the house all by myself this morning. By 8 the washing machine is working,the water boiled for a rejuvenating cup of nescafe. The bed will be stripped down in a moment and new sheets spread out.

The radio is back to Gegar......my favourite spot. Olin was against this as she found the songs and topics poyo.

The dapur will be tak berasap again. As sometimes I found it uneconomical just to cook for 2.Kesian pakli dapat makan sedap bila anak2 balik.Dia merungut. But I am thinking of cooking something lembut,manis again!

Being a full time house manager after 35 years in office sometimes makes me tak tau nak buat apa. Going out chat chatting with people is not my cup of tea.Anyway,I dont drink tea as my bowel will be in topsy turvy.

So mostly 24/7 I am holed up in this place called home.Nak pi mana pun susah as my humble MPV is away for the time being. Jadi banyak la makcik mengadap computer,learning the quran ,blogging, blog visiting and finding answers to How? How to? As I am savvier in the world of IT. Konon.Baru nak kenal blogging 5 years outdated.

Now,even tho I talk more with the cats than homo sapiens,I have this bursting loads of info by a click of a button.Google. But the adverse was when going over agama stuff. Kadang kadang keliru .Islam ke wei bila dok sebut Allah tapi ada Al maseh . So it makes sense when there was this issue of penggunaan perkataan Allah.

By the way,the pic on top was taken by Eeena in Phuket. Macam ada persamaan saja dengan apa yang kami lalui. Life I mean. Tengah tak berapa terang .Tapi dihujung jalan ada rainbow yang menawan. So Air Asia,here we go.To find the other end of the rainbow. Cerah,menawan. Pasti.


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