Sunday, May 16, 2010

What a day!


The flu is on full force.

The sweats are like a downpour drenching my back.

The nose is still blocked.


Bad  still:

My hp could not be charged. Left the handphone charger in the suitcase which was given to paen.Meaning its in Penang!

So could not contact anybody ,could not open the in box messages.


Worse still:

The rice cooker mogok and I only noticed it when going to have my round kedua lunch. Eh,knapa nasi ni lembik bokbek?

Lo, the switch is still on the keep warm.Not cook!

Tadi makan nasi ganja.


Worse still :

The astro dah kena bar!

Habih la nak tengok debaran AF malam ni.


Worst still:

Aihhhhh: awat lampu terpadam!

La power outage!

Pakli pula sedap sedap pi Kepala Batas makan durian.


No car,

No phone

No buddy

No power


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    lOVE YOU.