Friday, May 28, 2010

up lah sikit

aksi kucing 052 

Blog hopping took me to an ex army site. His writing mainly concerned the armed forces.The critics mainly directed at the procument of tenders,promotions and other not so sweet realities of the army life.

I am not undermining the roles of the armed forces in guarding the name of honour of the country. But these were the thru the eyes of a simple layman:

Time and again we passed the armed forces vehicles plying the road.Maybe on a mission or moving from point A to point B.


Every time the waggily raggily vehicles lumber by,I had the feelings that we were in the first world war. Eh.Are we in the midst of the German troops as we see in many of the movies.

Ya La

Those vehicles that the army used are in such rickety shapes that I used to question myself:

Are these what we have?

Maybe the new ones are safely tucked away in the garages! Come Merdeka celebration,they will be on parade.

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