Sunday, May 30, 2010

to each his own


Was watching Tv 7 ,Nanny 911,a programme formally aired on DH&H.

Watching the children ,their mum  and dad brought back the memories of me raising my own kids.

Well children being  children, its  unusual to see them  fighting over frivolous matter. But the children in this episode acted way beyond comprehension.

Vulgarities ,temper tantrum ,tension was the way they breathe.

Hah,any mother caught with that situation may end up popping panadols by the dozen.

The question now is.WHy ? How ?

Why all the chaos? Why had these have to happen?

The answer is simple ……….The parents.

It seems that the father was one control freak,belittling the spouse when he had the chance and vulgar were his words.

He expected to be attended to every moment of the day and never  look at the chores in the house as a shared responsibility.

Showing love and affections were a no no to him as he considered those things feminine.

Quarrels between the couple sprang up  almost anywhere,anytime.

It was the first time I saw nanny 911 shedding tears in utter disgust and desperation  at the family situation.

The programme ended showing the family reformed .  Happy endings.

Ah how I wish I too had nanny 911 to help me when in time of needs. Yes,plenty of them.

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