Monday, May 24, 2010



Baby Jessy,as we named her is very small for a kitten. But she understands me.

Last night,we still spread the toto in the living room as it was quite stuffy in the bedroom.Through the dim lights ,I could still make out the antics of mummy Jade and her little offspring.

Before retiring for the night,I had taken the antenna booster box out. Intending to use it for something the next day.

Purrrrrrrrrr,purrrrrr, I heard Jade  motherly beckoning.

Eh diamlah.


I then noticed Jade trying to squeeze her body into the box. Tergelak makcik dalam kesamaran malam tu.

Jade ,buang tabiat lagi kah. Mana muat oiii.

I told her.

La, she was beckoning her baby to sleep inside the box.

Jade .Jade .

Are you afraid that we might accidently step on your dotter?

Thumbellina then crawled into the box and  soon dozed off peacefully guarded by mummy Jade and her big bro. Dell.

Comel kan !

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  1. Comelnya depa ni.Mama! Handphone aten i wont able to call you. Baru rosak tadi. Haih.
    Love u Ma!