Monday, May 3, 2010

teaching kids


I like to watch the antics of my four legged beings. This pic was caught way back when Toi the little kitten was around.

Toi was a boisterous kid who like to explore nooks and corners of the house.

One day,worry wart Jade caught sight of Toi scampering on the rolled up mat. Calling to little Toi to come down fell on deaf ears.

Pak Mok who was lazing around joined in coaxing Toi to descend.

Jade: puuurrrrr,Toi please come down.

Toi: mmmmuihhh ,tak pa aih.

Mok: Hoi turun lekaih. Aawat nakai sangat ni, oghang nak tidoq pun tak senang.

P6130381 nampak tu Mok dekat dekat nak tampar Toi .Mengajar la tu.

found these pics in the camera .

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