Friday, May 28, 2010

teaching english through newspaper


I have a soft spot in teaching English using the newspaper.I am not going to discuss the methods or activities just yet but on how to organise the class.

I found that teachers are somewhat put off by the extra work that they have to put up compared when teaching using the chalk or the textbook.

But English without variation is learning English with no fun.

These are a few tips that I would like to share:

  • Open you ears and eyes for newspaper freely subscribed to your school.
  • Negotiate with the admin to have one day full authority of the papers.
  • Buy the extra papers,sharing the money among the class.So that each child has a copy of the paper.
  • Teach your children how to open,fold and keep the paper for further using.Teach them how to fold and throw remnants away. ( If not ,the class will be an absolutely rubbish dump.I tell you)
  • Teach them the concept of newspaper,the layout and what each particular section is called.
  • Teach them how to cut the articles,glue  them and how to organise their work in their NIE exercise book.(A4 if possible)


So if children are told and guided on how to handle the newspaper,using them is a bliss.

No more hassle to photostat pictures,advertisements,articles.

You would be a teacher out of the ordinary.

You have a class that have creativity at their fingers.

Children are indirectly exposed to reading newspaper.

Indeed they are motivated,captivated and updated .

And its true that a newspaper lasted as long as the news and pictures are there to be used up.


SK Kayang 3 students to MCKK in one year were the result of NIE.Also true when SKSI was beaten by Kayang in 5As.

I stand by that testimony.

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