Sunday, May 30, 2010

A small talk with my own self.

There were times when I question the logic in me pouring my stories,my beliefs in this blog.

When I started my love with the blogging world,it was a way of communication with my children who are far away from home.

I write as a manifest of my  bottled up emotions. Tapi yang ringan ringan sajalah. Tak manis lah pulak dok merapu meraban at my age. And using language that I myself squirmed to read was a pukulan maut to my status as an ex teacher. Ex GB lagi.

Ya la. Teachers kan mesti tunjuk tauladan yang baik.Bahasa yang sopan.Tidak takkan makcik jadi rebutan mak mak anak teruna masa muda muda dulu. Ewah!

Itu lah sebab makcik persuade my children to be educators. As when you are in the education line,there are many things you have to abide.Your teaching etiquette and others that you had to upheld.

Dressing la,makeup la,cakap la and how you carry yourself in public.

Mau anak murid ,ibu bapa dok tengok cikgu sendiri tak semenggah perangai.

So I think I need an alternative blog that I can be free to express myself.

Or do I have to go back to the days of writing the diary?


A blog for my inner feelings which may be private.

A blog for the public viewing

A blog for educational stuff,experiences.

Waduh banyak nya masa tu nak sampai tiga blog.

Last last yang ini pun nanti mau bersawang!

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