Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Slow down maam


I was perusing the many shots taken by aten when I was captivated by this .

During my teaching years I have the knack to make out stories from pictures or photos.

He tortoise : Slow down maam.You are too fast.

She tortoise : I aint fast.You are way tooo slow.

The couple were on their way to Penang to check on their only young son.

Half way he tortoise was too weak to even take a crawl while she tortoise was fit and bouncing .

Ala kita balik saja lah maak nya. Rasanya bila kita sampai anak kita pun dah tua. Tak kenal apa kat kita.

I kan dah kata kat you tadi. Kita tunggu dia kat rumah sudah la.

He he no pun intended.

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