Monday, May 24, 2010

The royal debacle ,the court and the parties.


Reading about the royal happenings in one of the state in Malaysia is exhausting. As in memenatkan kepla hotak.

And all came up to the final  point ….Power and Money.

The struggles between the queen mother,his majesty,the sons and the second wife are materials for a novel.Novels that will intrigue the minds of readers.

First we had corny stories about the marriage of the son much loved by the queen.

Then came the news that the king was on death bed but sailed through only to emerge in public wheel chaired .

The second wife of the king flavoured  the story with syariah court driven into it.

The killing of the palace guard . The queen roughened and so many stories made public.

When was the last time Malaysia saw so much drama?

Royalty pulak tu.

Ishh .Ishh.

Come this 28th May,the anwarsaiful case will be continued.Malaysians as well as citizens of the world  will be presented with the MOST entahapaapa punya proceedings.

If in 1998,the infamous tilam was carried to and fro ,in and out of court,what have we to hear this time around?

My guess is as good as yours.

By the way,CSL has made a comeback in one of the ruling party.What have you,Mr.Sam?

I chuckled at the jokes related by someone.

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