Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Red earth


Following the news on tv,I felt sorry for the people of our neighbouring  Thailand. The Land of the Peace or Siam.

Living in the northernmost region of Malaysia ,we had opportunities to get to know them.

I had a few helpers from Thailand when my kids were small. And people from there were noted for being soft spoken.

Abannnng , swaaade kaaaaaap.

Alas they were the only words that I know .

As far Thailand is concerned I had my reservations. So  I went inside Thailand only as far as Danok , Padang Besar and the border of  Wang Prachan.Hadnyai was visited only because of medical needs.

I had this uneasy feeling when in Thailand. For safety I mean.

Once,I had gone to the other side of the border for shopping and the next news to meet us was the shooting spree when we were there.

Going as far as Hattyai by public transport was a challenge by itself.

Armed with the necessary papers,we chartered a taxi into Padang Besar where we were deposited at a depot for the bus services . Taking the van is faster but the journey undertaken would be keluar masuk kampung,hutan belukar,kebun getah until the van is full.

Mulalah makcik terbayang,nyawa dihujung tanduk andai bom meletup ke,van dirompak ke. Naya!

Riding the tut tut  in the heart of the town pun nak tergelak juga. You can hop in or hop out anytime. Even at the traffic lights.

The food at the market was tasty especially the ayam goreng kunyit but we were halfway into our meal when I noticed something peculiar. Langut atas siling nampak rambu ramba cat yang berjujuran. Anytime the peels could land themselves on our plates!

Anyway,the shop minders  were  friendly. Although we went only to the bazaar. The doctor too was kind and soft spoke.

So when I saw what happened in Bangkok between the red army and the govt ,I felt a tad sad.

Habislah terkubur syurga dunia .Kesian!

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