Friday, May 14, 2010

pahang in a day

Makcik being a workaholic could not rest in peace unless after a gruelling work. Could as well become that personality on tv bio who cleans people house,cook or launder.

The morning  saw me labouring in the bathroom cleaning the toilet and also the courtyard and balcony.Ha rasa puas when the place turned sparkling clean.

Finding a place for lunch took us to a Sarathai  rest. for tomyam and krabu mangga. Boleh tahan. Macam pakda.

Then Kamdar came a calling where mak cik grabbed the rm 3 per metre furnishing materials where the ori. price was 9.00. Hijau lagi kerana the theme for the next raya is still green.

Turning for a night sleep is a task as the heat is unbearable. Once again the toto is spread in the living room with the fans whirring above us.

The next morning I did the kitchen and prepared the chilli sauce for Olin. Dapatlah 2,3 bekas . So next time she wants to cook ,she doesnt need to grind the cabai anymore.

We bade farewell to Olin at 11 + . Travelling again the 250 km KL bound on 12 th May.

Teka what did we see and met on our journey KL bound?

Stopping at Genting Sempah for lunch I noticed I peculiar figure who stood out among the crowd because he was dressed to the nine. Siap berkot mekot tengah tengah hari.

Guess who?

That datuk paduka yang married the actress. Datuk Umi without the umi. Datuk pun makan kat gerai lebuhraya.Yang kesian tu tak ada siapa pun tegur or minta otograph kat datuk tu.

Another sight was when we came across a sexy girl on top of a stalled car making a call on her hp. Apalagi mujur tak terbabas  pemandu pemandu kat highway tu. Bahaya tu causing distraction on the fast speeding highway.

Coming out of the highway,yet another mistake was done. Instead of taking the left turn pakli took the right.So instead of travelling south to SK, we saw ourselves on the north south highway,going to Shah Alam,taking the Cyberjaya road before reaching Seri Kembangan. Ha awat tak lewat sampai sejam.!

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