Monday, May 31, 2010

Nanny 911 again

I cant seem to have enough of Nanny 911.If only I could be afforded help and advice on those days pertaining to the sensitive issues of raising a family.
Having children who pick on each others may be enough to drive a young and inexperience mum to rocks.

On top of it, the unresolved issues of past history  skyrocketed the way we  handled our  own children.
Helpless indeed  when relatives don't do much to assist you even when they are just a stone throw away.
Uninformed spouse is another pull down factor.And gila of the gilas if one spouse like to show that he/she  is way above the other.In term of power.

So to have a family that is successful everybody should be made responsible.
No matter who they are.Babies or babies no more.
This is not a question of who rules.

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