Monday, May 17, 2010

Jade’s little baby


Just  2 or 3 weeks ago,Jade gave birth to two little kittens. Hidden so well in the nook of the dresser ,we had little view of the babies. The twin were vey quiet except for feeding time.

Once when the girls were at home ,the two little kittens ventured out. Seeing human faces for the first time,the two little babies open their jaws wide as if saying:

Back off men. I can bite the head off you.

As we would be away for the week,the mother as well as the babies were placed inside a cage at the back of the house.  A worker from RCS would be employed to look after them . And just a few days away from home ,we heard the sad news. One of the babies  could not make it. Kesian.

I could now see Jade purring for her babies even after feeding the one that remains. She kept searching for the other .As if to say:

Purrrrr . Baby where are you? Its feeding time.

Pakli was asking me what to name the kitten.

Looking at the slender tail ,the name which came out was panjang or jang

Or could we call her/him tiny. Because it was such a tiny kitten.

Kecik or cik.

Tiny or Minny

Eh you ni,macam macam  ada.

This evening,bored to death,I took the baby in.I hold it near to me and could see its dreamy eyes eyeing me as is saying:

Mama jade,tolong !

Ada raksaksa.

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