Tuesday, May 25, 2010

house keeping do needs strategy

image This is a picture I borrowed  from A Work in Progress blog by

Aaron + Alaine – a couple from Indianapolis,Indiana,USA.


The point is :

Why do I have the same predicament as the couple above?

In my closet ,there are numerous mismatched pairs of socks.And I had grown out of my wits trying to solve the socks puzzle.

Its the same as putting the cds in their own sleeves.

Now I bundle the socks into a ball but  this doesnt prevent the socks from disappearing from the clothes line.

As for the bedsheets ,I bundle the pillows and the sheets together and have them in a roll.

The baju kurung goes into the sarong ,So much for misplaced kain or baju.

Curtains,sofa covers,table runners of the same theme will be placed in a bag so that I wont have no more of:

Eh Mana pi sebelah lagi ni?

Ah so much for strategy.

House keeping do needs them. I presumed.

Written after dinner of cucur udang and potatoes with self made sos cili.Tried adding corn flour for crispiness.


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