Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Handbook for the near misses and near idiots

Had always this in mind or picture this:

  • The handbag that you carried somewhat resembles the content of Mr. Musang Berjanggut's sack .You have to turn it upside down ,inside out to find that important or urgent piece of belonging.( belilah bag yang ada organizer atau have them bundled up in plastic)
  • The wedding invitation that you completely forgotten until the next day.( save duit salam.)
  • The mismatch socks. Each a side not related to the other.( pakai sajalah. esok esok mungkin jadi trend setter)
  • Your remote,car key,house key that go MIA .( gantung saja kat leher,tak payah beli rantai habib dah)
  • The place that you park your car.Is it the north ,central or the south wing? (car park with wings ? )
  • The registration day .Be it a school,college or uni. Notice how people were held up because the person being attended to is clueless as to where the necessary papers /docu were.( ketuk kepala orang tuh.Bila dia pengsan,orang lain boleh move on.)
  • You are late. Its morning of a work day. You ironed the kain.Check. But where's the baju,? Tak pa aih,baru baju ala ala bollywood.
  • You had put up all the curtains on the hook. Where is the valance?( biaq pi la , ni pun fesyen juga,)
  • The pillow case is not matching.One is blue with dolphins for designs while the other is red with dots all over.( Ini baru dia, mamu suka)

Got any pills to pop for the headache?

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