Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Finding the right


Left or right.

Yes or no.

To do or not to do

And many hundreds of decision that we have to choose .Every moment of our life.

Decision making is hard.How many times had we not heard ourselves asking.What if? What if I had chosen A over  B.What if I follow my own hearts than someone else.? What if I did not do what I had done?

Being a mother is even harder. You had to make a lot of choices for yourself and even more so for the family.Sometimes your maternal instinct know that its not good.But you let your loved ones make the choice and then the choice was proven  wrong .You blame none but yourself.

And worse was to come. Ni mama la nak.Ni mak  la pilih.( most mothers  mesti boleh associate with this)

Now I want to have my peace of mind. I had come to the turning point when I had to accept that my children were past the age that needs mother’s care. They are all grown up and wise. Past their twenty one. So now I have to step one step back in making any choice.

The pick is yours.I always tell the brood.

Pick wise.

My doa is with you.

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