Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The durian feast


It happened last Sunday,Pakli accompanied his parents to the family home in Kepala Batas. The mission to feast the durian from the kampung.

As I was feeling feverish I didnt follow.I anticipated that they would be having a feast of durian there.

At seven in the evening pakli returned.

Hey comelnya durian! I exclaimed.He  was  sent home with a durian much less than a fist. After 300 km journey!

Takpa la tu pun rezeki.

Pakli pride opened the tiny,weeny durian,and there were 2 tiny weeny pieces of flesh.

Anyhow ,it was the sweetest durian that I had tasted.

This afternoon pakli returned with bundle.

La,durian lagi!

Ha semalam kan tak kenyang.

So today,I had durian for dinner. And I bet my fever would be here to stay.

But I heart for gulai ikan tok ton! Pulak!

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