Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dont be naughty, Dell



Notice the raised ears. Mama Jade is having a standoff with the young Dell. The picture was rummaged from the mount of shots in the camera.


I had forgotten but mostly it materialised when Jade tried to discipline the playful Dell. I noticed that Jade paid a lot of attention on  Dell until the little ass became  ignorant.

Dell doesnt purr but errrrgh most of the time.

Pick him up and the next moment you would hear him snarling through gritted teeth. Thats the reason why Dell is not popular with the homo sapiens of no.7.

Stare at him at eye level and the next thing his paws would reach your face.

But he is not always abusive.

Sometimes when he is in a good mood he would search the crevices of pakli’s sarong to curl into a sleep.

Now ,with or without the errrrgh I had become fond of him.But alas he had become fond of pakli. Running hard to be the first to greet the master whenever he hears the car in the yard.

As if saying:

Ye ye abah balik dah.Abah balik dah!

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