Sunday, May 9, 2010

A day to remember- part 2


Reaching Seri Kembangan  late in the day,tired and sleepy we ascended the stairs to the 5 th storey of the building. The flight of stairs to the top floor were very mean to people past fifty.

La. I tekan tak kunci kereta tadi?

Eh tak ingat la .I replied

Down he went.My pakli descended the stairs to the parking lot.Memang betul pun.He had forgotten to lock  his kereta.Mujur lagi

He was halfway up when he  realised that he had left his handset.So down he went again.

He was on the second floor for the third time when doubt overcame his thought again.Hai kunci ke dak kereta tadi.So down he went again.

tck.quek .tck.

He pressed the remote.Again. And again .Tock.

When he reached the house ,he was one dead tired man.Very tired . Very very tired.

This morning we overslept being roughly awaken by the shouts from the neighbour.

Anei,wlla well ,tangacik ………. between the shouts.

Oii awatlah depa cari hari ni nak bergaduh.Harini semua orang cuti la wei.. Gaduh la hari kerja.!


  1. alahai,poor ba,poor ma as well. Love u both,ten call mama banyak kali,tak angkat abang,abang kat uma kak ina,dia tak p Phg?

  2. poor aten,sorry la tak angkat phone. I mislaid it.