Sunday, May 9, 2010

A day to remember ( part 1)

It was Saturday 8.5.2010. The odd couple of pakli and makcik left no.7 for Penang and later to KL.

Before starting the journey,the usual tidings were carried out.But it was on the way to the Celcom paypall that pakli enncountered his no.1 forget me not episode.

He was wearing  slippers when suddenly he found himself sprawled on the pavement with onlookers having  ??????? on their faces.

Awat pak cik.

Tak da pa pa aih.

Quickly pakli qabuih himself and walked discreetly to the xtrail .La tu la beli lagi kasut kat  Chowrasta. The slippers he was wearing had been purchased because of its price.The sole was without grip and that was the reason for pakli face on the ground position.Kesian.

Lain kali biaq mahai kasut dari baju !


  1. hahaha.kesiannya.lain kali beli lah yg mahal sikit untuk pakai, ;)

  2. Tu la mama dah kata,tapi abah nak beli juga.kasut kat Chowrasta walau pun murah tapi silap silap ...kelangit muka tertadah!Adoi parah.