Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the call


It was early in the morning when pakli related to me what he had dreamed last night.

You, gerun la .I mimpi tarikh I nak mati.

Bila? This makcik innocently asked him without even raising an eyebrow.

Tak pasti la. Tapi 2 tu ada la.Dua tahun ke ,2 bulan ke.Aissh.

Dak.bukan 2 utk masa.2 tu untuk kita berdua.Entah entah 2 dua kita pi sama sama.

And at 8.00 my friend rang me up to inform that an officer of JPN had left us. Mr.Sharidan our koko officer. He was my age.

Just a few days back my former ustaz lost his wife. The couple was recently married cos I remembered attending the wedding after my pension.They were such lovable couple.Glowing on their wedding day.

To the bereaved family,my deepest condolences.

Death is feared.But it will surely come our way.

2 saat ke,2 minit ke ,2 dekad ke. It surely come.

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