Friday, May 14, 2010

Back home bound

It was the 6th day of our journey. Home is calling loud and clear!

So by 2 pm we set on our journey home. The three of us: pakli ,me and paen.

The journey was uneventful safe for the torrential rain along the way. So when aten made the call , it went unanswered as I was too busy manning the vehicles in front of us. Sorry ya aten.!

Yes,driving along the highway in a thunderstorm nearly takes your breath away. We could hardly see through the heavy downpour. And as usual you could see cars with their hazard lights on.

Depa ni berjalan ka berhenti ?

Or you could hardly see the vehicle cos the tail lights were not swtiched on.

Reaching Bayan Lepas at eight for paen’s lodging it was drizzling.After sorting out ,we bade goodbye and pushed on to Perlis. One odd couple .

Teringat masa di Jusco. I bought a pair of soup bowls. One for me and one for pakli. The salesgirl jokingly said:

Eh makcik romantik la. Loving gitu.Sweetest couple.

This was my reply:

Lagi tua lagi kena romantik.Loving. Bukan baru kahwin

saja tau.

My sweetest husband ? No no.Makcik kahwin sekali saja!So takat sweet saja kot.Alahai.

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