Sunday, May 23, 2010

Asam pedas sayur sawi


It was late evening when I got hold of my nokia and dialled a person in Keyyyel. Hearing her voice was enough to this old mum.

Mama masak apa?

Asam pedas,sayur sawi and ikan goreng. Simple simple aja.

I was forgetful that the dear at the end of the line’s favourite is this simple dish.

Tak makan lagi ni. Came the reply.



Ok la tu. Kan dah ada O2,mineral ,vitamin.He he.

Mama ni.

It was that sort of exchanges that we used to have over the line. Sometimes funny.Sometimes witty.

Having a job that physically tally the hours of the other side of the world,her routines are somewhat the opposite of ours.It was such a daunting task in the beginning but she labours on.

Ah my dear is one person who perseveres even in extreme circumstances. Being sent to a boarding school at a tender age of 13. Having to undergo a condition that could bring down even the lions  of the hearts.

But its her. And she braves the waters during those turbulence times.

Masak asam pedas pagi ini,terbayang one little girl with that cute smile and poses.

Yes, mama do love those cute poses of yours when I flipped over the old pictures in the albums.

Love you.

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