Friday, April 30, 2010

Wear your camisole please.


I found out that young girls and women frown upon the camisole.

But one incident left the non believer with days of agony.

We were in our classroom when one young lady sauntered in. At the doorway she stopped.


We could see the outline of her body.Naked! Safe for her bra and panty.

The gentlemen were blushing while the ladies in the room were at a lost.

To tell .Or not to tell.

Nobody seemed to have the courage to tell this lady that she had attracted the attention of everybody for the obvious wrong reason. She’s parading the institution in her skin. Her dress was unmistakably fabulous but the thread count make them see through. As she was not wearing the undergarment ,she was near naked when the sun shone through.

Suddenly somebody found the audacity to end her predicament.

Madam,your dress is making us see into you. Went the message.

That afternoon when the lady came for the next round,her dress was not a pinkish lady’s anymore. BUT her face was.

So dear  girls.

Do wear your camisole or kain dalam please! Your baju kurungs or kebayas are sometimes thin enough to make the boys goggled at the sight of you.

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