Tuesday, April 6, 2010

ugly malaysians- salah tempat


I always have this to ponder:

Do we know what is the purpose of these been built?

Pavements and walkways

Go to any housing areas.What sight do you see? You wouldnt miss seeing rows and rows of pots and plants spilling even into the pavements and walkways.

The intention is right but the place is questionable.

Come on la. Dont we know that pavements and walkways in housing areas or anywhere  that matters are for walking? Yes for safe walking!

Kesian bebudak. Bila petang nampaklah depa dok kayuh basikal tengah jalan. Berlumba dengan kereta dan motosikal.Pasai apa?

Because we do not know that pavements and walkways are for walking! And for children ! Sigh.

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