Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ugly Malaysians- driving


Correct me if I am wrong. Over  701. Oprah was discussing a matter that shouldnt be taken lightly by us Malaysians too.This is a very similar case which looms in everyone of us…..ugly malaysian culture.

The case that matter :

Texting/Messaging/Phoning while driving.

Didnt we know that its 4 times dangerous than drunk driving?

Now and again we could see drivers texting/calling behind the wheels.It just takes a spilt second for accidents to happen if the concentration of the person driving the wheels wanders.Do the culprits realise that?

No wonder accidents in Malaysia is one of the worst in the world.Because we ugly Malaysians do not care a hoot!!.

Benci betul lah tengok orang dok driving tapi mata dok tang lain.Phew.

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