Friday, April 2, 2010

touch wood


Happened to watch Oprah and Se manis Kurma this afternoon.

Guess what? It saddened me and I hope with all purpose and intent that those episode of sadness do not come into our circle.

On Oprah, family members were torn between letting go or  continuing their  anger towards a member who had desecrated the ones they loved. The death sentence to be meted out on their uncle who murdered their parents  . All because of meth.

On tv 9 ,the lovely couple of  the glam ustazah and her soft spoken husband was discussing the topic of bohsia. With Andy Lala and his singer daughter ,give an insight into the ways parenting should be.

I couldnt agree more.

On a subtle note, I think I too have my shortcomings during my time in bringing up my brood.

Had I been severe in bringing them up,its with good intentions.

But thinking differently,what could be the consequences if I were that tidak apa,buat apa pun tak pa kind of mama. Entah entah depa dah jadi entah apa apa.Touch wood.

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