Thursday, April 29, 2010


Makcik being avid reader ,didnt miss the chance of reading anything available .Even the advertisement,the bankruptcy notice, the lelong or the obituaries.

In the blogosphere ,I came across magnitude of reading articles.Some descriptive,some educational,some lovable.And some plain.

Styles of writing varied.Some professional,some personal.Some fully in one bahasa or like makcik a rojak. Well .Its yours ,take it or leave it.

But what erred  me was when you write in English,be wary of basic.I mean BASIC. Which even the primary UPSR students are made to learn .

I came across:

4rd 5rd 10st 22rd

and I married my sweetest husband when you were married once.Lainlah kalau dah kahwin untuk kali ketiga.Jadi kau janda la bila kau nikah hari tu.Ha ha.

I did have my fair share of silly mistakes in my English and I was corrected. And I feel the urge to correct because once a teacher always a teacher.

Stand to be corrected.

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