Saturday, April 17, 2010

Reminiscence of felda gedangsa


Ulu Selangor now being hyped in the news was  nostalgic to my mind.

Embarking the train at Tg Malim,we hired a taxi to the school.

I was given a lodging with two other new lady teachers. Noi and …..sorry temporary relapse..

The teachers quarter was built in front of the school and fronting it were the felda settlers quarters.

Thus my 2 1/2 years stay at Felda Gedangsa was shared with Noi whom I had grown to be attached.I would follow her to her Kajang house or went for her relatives kenduri.

But the second year saw someone from KL who was posted as an attachment teacher.From her I learned the hardship of being a second wife. A wife who was introduced as anak penakan instead of as a wife!

Teaching was in the afternoon in my first year.So when my friends were in  school I would  be doing the household chores. And the house was said to be occupied by someone from the other zone!

Later,a few of my friends were soon seeking the help of traditional practitioners to cure their unforeseen illness. Seraaaaaaaam.

I remembered Mahmudah. A chatty little girl.Having the Javanese bloodline ,her tongue was so thick with the accent.She used to accompany me when my housemates were away during the weekends.Had I stayed longer,I might as well learn the lingua.

During the holidays we sometimes had picnics at Sg Bil. Or the further was to Pantai Morib and Port Dickson. Sunway Lagoon or Genting Highlands were unheard of.

One unforgetable incident was when the settlers held demonstration against  Felda. Their grouse being underpaid.

That week the children were barred from school by their parents as a protest.

Apalagi cuti terpijak la kami.

Anyway,Felda Gedangsa was a place that I treasure in my memory.I remembered that window I used to look at the picturesque hillsides , the blue sky and the grey horizon.Tenteram jiwa tengok kehijauan alam. Given a choice,I would like to stay longer or forever.

Nak buat macam mana jodohku tiada disini.

Mr. Pek jadi ke kahwin dgn Kam? Noi dah bercucu ke. Laa dengan anak aktor M.Amin camana?

And that girl who stopped the bus dah Datin ke Puan Sri.

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