Wednesday, April 28, 2010

my last week


I started on 2.1.1973 and gracefully ended it on 25.4.2008.

So this is the last week that  saw me as a government servant .For 34 years I served as a teacher ,serving thousands of students,teachers and parents.

The last week had been a strenuous week. I not only had to make sure the post, the account and others matters be settled before I bade the school goodbye. I had to sort between personal belongings and  office property.

The pengarah added  another programme for my selamat tinggal .Officiall declaration of SK Sena as the Cluster school.Ya, we received the cert a few days before. Meaning the guests would be the MB,Exco,Pengarah,UMP officials ,GBs .

I immediately went against the idea.

But you were the GB that take  the school where it is.Its an achievement to be selected as a Cluster School.He insisted.

Sir,its not only me. It is the work of my staff,my pks ,the PIBG .I am only the GB

Well you are the GB.

So I had to agree and preparation for the event was made by my staff under my capable penolong kanan satu ..cikgu Roslan.

For it was during  this week,I received the most unfortunate  news ever:

The wedding was cancelled and the people were coming this weekend.The ring would be returned!

I was devastated and tears flowed easily . Not only for leaving the school and my job but for the broken dreams.Yes,I broke down.

Well, one teacher ,a clerk and a contractor caught me at my weakest moment. Aduhai .



This post was written way back and left in its draft form.Suddenly I clicked the publish button. Dear me.

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